Driving Operational Improvement

Knowledge gaps mean delivery gaps. Fuse provides a cost effective way for your best performers to digitize and share their knowledge, driving up skill levels across organisations and distributed networks. They can access support from their communities whilst on the move, meaning better service levels and happier customers.

Moving away from knowledge silos to knowledge sharing

Lead with presence. Move away from command and control and move towards openess. Enable your teams to share knowledge and good practise faster. Create a sense of community across widespread teams and empower everyone to evolve faster by collaboratoring on questions, ideas and captured knowledge.

Sales Enablement

Enable sales people to perform to their full potential by providing refreshers on sales processes, walk-throughs of sales ops information such as commission plans and instant access to proposition and product videos in an open and collaborative space. Proven to considerably increase cross-selling and up-selling success.

Amplifying what training companies do well

Fuse gives you the cutting edge technology to differentiate your training proposition from the rest. We don't believe elearning courses can replace effective face to face training but we do believe used correctly, technology can amplify what you're already doing well and improve the students end performance.

Learning Systems 2.0

As management thinking is migrating from command & control concepts towards openness, sharing & collaboration, Fuse is the first learning system designed to deliver on these concepts, bringing your organisation an exceptional learning platform. Fuse combines social learning, performance, & workplace support, distributed mentoring & coaching along with formal, fully tracked learning paths. Designed to allow easy migration from your command & control LMS or easily integrate with it.

Content Creation Services

We've developed a faster & more cost effective way to digitise knowledge & learning. Moving from traditional e-learning course building techniques and static documents, to easily digestible bite-size videos. Proven to take less then 10% of the time to create than current techniques whilst increasing engagement by over 700%. In its first year our new content production process is already used by 20 Global 500 companies.



Upload anything: videos, documents, spreadsheets, images, links, you name it fuse recognises it and treats it accordingly. One click recording: create your own screen capture or webcam in a couple of clicks.


See what you need to see: because people and content sit within communities each person using Fuse sees the information appropriate to their role. Keep your precious information safe: Fuse understands that your IP belongs to you and not your software provider, and keeps it secure with cloud best practices.


With Fuse your colleagues don't have to ask the person next to them or guess the answers. Our best in class search tool takes them to the information they neeed in seconds - whether that's a file, an engaging video, or a useful web link.


In Fuse conversations between colleagues, suppliers and clients are based around projects and know how, not the next trip to the pub (though you could do that too).


Traditional Learning Management Systems can manage courses, deliver elearning and administer assessments but it's clunky, antisocial and your team doesn't like it. Users can choose how they want to access knowledge on Fuse, whether it is going through a structured topic, or a quick search for some knowledge.


Fuse is built using agile development techniques, it means we're always rolling out new features and upgrade. No more waiting for the next software release... With Fuse you'll see improvements and new features every week, we will also take your feedback to help improve the platform!



Fuse has been designed to revolutionise the way people communicate, collaborate and learn at work. Every organisation is dependent on their people’s ability to learn and adopt new ways of working quickly, and we have recognised that traditional methods of learning and communication are no longer suited to today’s fast paced digital world.

Fuse is a video-centric learning platform that allows leaders, managers, and employees to:

Communicate effectively with one another, up and down the organisation and across all levels
Quickly and easily capture knowledge in an engaging video and share it along with any supporting documents
Collaborate with one another, and build supportive online communities.
Get quick access to the information they need from anywhere, 24 hours a day 7 days a week from any web device.
Get recognition for the contributions that they make.

Content Creation

How does your company capture knowledge and share it in a professional format?
Every company harbours vast amounts of knowledge that is rarely accessible. The rise of online video has allowed us to change the way we deliver communication and knowledge to a format that has a huge impact on business performance. Fusion Universal has a wealth of experience and innovative drive allowing us to deliver highly engaging, short, succinct videos that can impact the way you operate and improve performance.

Whether it is providing high-end, client-facing videos that you want, or capturing and sharing knowledge amongst your thought leaders and experts, Fusion Universal has the service for you.

It is quick, simple and effective. We donít even necessarily need to visit you onsite or go to a recording studio. The end result is cheaper and delivered within a matter of days whilst the quality is higher than the standard due to Fusionís unique approach to video production.


We recognise that implementing a new technology doesn't always result in instant behaviour change. That's where the fuse engagement service comes in - to ensure everyone has the necessary knowledge, opportunity and reason to get the absolute most out of the platform. We’ll provide thought leadership through face to face workshops with leaders, and a structured calendar of activities to guide users through the journey of understanding how and why to use the platform. Fuse are at the cutting edge of understanding how to use technology to push your organisation into becoming a knowledge sharing and collaborative workforce. We offer a bespoke service, so packs will be tailored in order to meet the specific goals and requirements of each company.

Leadership and Development

Fusion Universal has a wealth of experience designing and delivering high quality leadership and management development courses, offering both blended and online solutions.

The core team of Fusion Universal have worked to develop and support the delivery of leadership and management courses for the likes of Lloyds TSB and HSBC.

Fusion Universal is working directly with the Institute of Leadership and Management to investigate the future of accredited leadership and management programmes.

With its partners, Fusion Universal is able to deliver a wide range of solutions and courses to deliver your leadership development needs. These range from short, bite-sized ‘Pearls of Wisdom’ videos through to fully accredited leadership and management programmes.

The Virtual School aims to democratise access to the best education for everyone, free of charge. We harness the expertise of an award winning social learning organisation and the passion and knowledge of the UK's top teachers. Together we improve access to the highest quality education for students anywhere at any time.

From basic literacy to advanced chemistry, the Virtual School aims to revolutionise learning.

Come in and explore!

We are Fuse.

The team at Fusion Universal is at the forefront of online learning. The team's collective experience includes designing online learning and knowledge solutions for over half of the FTSE 100 and over 50 Fortune 500 companies. Our commercial team is comprised of some of the most knowledgeable experts in the learning and knowledge industry.

The core team was born out of the e-learning company Fuel and continues its legacy of quality and innovation. As well as employing some of the most experienced individuals within the learning community, Fusion boasts an extensive network of "best of breed" partners from across the world.

Fusion Universal also runs a Social Enterprise that aims to use the technology we create for our corporate clients to greatly improve how education is delivered to children and adults across the developing world.


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